Where can I find good free images?

church stock photos

Finding the right image at a decent price can be a difficult task when your making a presentation for your sermon or trying to find the image for your website slideshow or church event. For some, having a subscription to a stock photo company certainly fits in the budget. But to most it doesn’t always fit. And going to…

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How to Deal with Church Social Media Criticism

Church Social Media Criticism

Here is some needed advice for dealing with church social media criticism that is posted to your sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Unfortunately, church Facebook pages or social media accounts can be targeted by those who have a less than favorable view of your church. –  Jonathan Howe I have dealt with a…

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New Yorkers For Constitutional Freedoms PAC – Case Study

We recently had the opportunity to help New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms (NYCF) to redo their online ministry. Originally they signed up for a service called Nation Builder which focuses on helping political candidates promote their candidacy. It worked well for a while, but they were interested in saving some monthly fees and having more…

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